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We at Rental4all have taken due considerations to provide our customers with desktops with the best configuration for an affordable price. We have desktops from all the major brands in the IT Industry, including iMac apple iMAC desktops for all the designers out there. We also have Workstations with advanced configuration for all the heavy-duty applications.Our inventory has the following desktops with their respective configuration and you can select the ones that suit your requirements.

Computer Rental 4 All

Our Desktop inventory consists of desktops from all major brands and they are classified as per their specifications. The different desktop configurations are:

Configuration #1 Configuration #2 Configuration #3 Configuration #4 iMAC 21.5 inch iMAC 27 inch
Processor Intel Core 2 Duo Intel Core i3 Intel Core i5 Intel Core i7 3.1 GHz Quad Core Intel i5 4 GHz Quad Core Intel i7
Ram 2 – 4 GB 4 GB 4 – 8 GB 8- 16 GB Upto 16GB Upto 32 GB
Hard disk 160 GB 250 GB 320 – 500 GB 500 GB – 1TB 512GB SSD 1 TB SSD
Monitors 18.5” LCD 18.5” LCD 18.5” LCD 18.5” LCD Intel Iris Pro Graphics 6200 AMD Radeon R9 M395X
Peripherals Included Keyboard and Mouse Keyboard and Mouse Keyboard and Mouse Keyboard and Mouse Apple Magic Keyboard and mouse Apple Magic Keyboard and mouse

Brands we deal in